Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lennar Homes Complaints

This site is dedicated to offering an opportunity for Lennar Homeowners to voice their complaints relative to issues with their Lennar Home.

If you are having difficulty in getting a response from one of our Lennar Homebuilding Divisions relative to your complaint or concern, simply click here and someone will respond to you promptly.


Lennar’s products, Associates and the home buying experience itself reflect the quality that is Lennar.

You expect and deserve a quality-built home, exceptional Customer Service, and ongoing support from your builder. From your initial visit to or one of our Lennar Welcome Home Centers to your first day of home ownership and beyond, it is our commitment to be there every step of the way.

If you feel you have not received the Lennar quality or experience that we speak of, simply click here and someone will respond to you promptly.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Quality Standards: Heightened Awareness

Heightened Awareness is a profound focus within our Company on some of the most important elements of developing communities and building homes. The elements that are focused on as part of our Heightened Awareness approach are the quality of our construction, the materials we use, our jobsite cleanliness, and the safety of our construction sites through ongoing OSHA compliance. Our National Heightened Awareness Team visits our operating divisions on a regular basis and inspects our communities and homes under construction.

If you feel our communities do not reflect this Heightened Level Awareness that we speak of, simply click here:

Quality Assurance Programs

Complementing our National Heightened Awareness Team are our regional quality assurance programs. These programs focus on both regularly scheduled inspections of our homes during the construction process and the quality of each home at delivery. Our team of Quality Assurance Associates acts as a second set of eyes for our Customers, utilizing an extensively detailed checklist to assure that our homes are properly inspected prior to delivery.

If you feel your home that was delivered to you did not reflect the quality of delivery that should come with a Quality Assurance program in place, simply click here:

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Customer Satisfaction

We employ a third party company to survey each Customer who purchases a home from us. This way, every Customer has an opportunity to speak candidly and openly to an independent third party.

If for some reason, you did not have a chance to express your opinion, simply click here: